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IN THIS EPISODE: I found myself surrounded by a sea of females...and I don't mean that in a good way. My wife, my Mom, my daughter and Tina are in studio as we listen to a video of two Dutch men hooked up to a female labor simulator. My manhood is , of course, challenged. What a perfect time to debut my new segment "Am I Just An Asshole?" where I complain about morons taking forever to get a cup of coffee. Vicki's Facebook Status of the Week leads to a discussion on the purpose of social media. Super mall Cop Darien Long's viral taser video leaves us wondering if the roles of men and women have reversed. The "Top 5" Superbowl commercials of all time according to Spike TV and Alien Eggs are found in the Arizona desert.

IN THIS EPISODE: How cold does it have to be for urine to freeze before it hits the ground? Viral video sensation Sweet Brown Does have time to take over Instagram. NEW SEGMENT: Vicki's Facebook Status of the Week. Study shows 1 in 3 people on Facebook are depressed and envious of their Facebook friends. The phone line lights up as we discuss the article from Yahoo "7 reasons why men cheat"(supposedly). Wess from SimplyBizness joins us to talk about his take on the "rap scene" and opportunity in North Dakota

IN THIS EPISODE: A full NorthXshow studio makes for fun chaos!!! My brother Chris, his wife Megan and long time friend Greg (Croc Da Beast), make their first appearance on the show. Greg, a transplant to the great white north from Miami, questions the sanity of those who ice fish as we pressure him to be the first black ice fisherman in history (as far as we know). We listen to a "sweet Brown" remix, 10 things Back to the Future 2 correctly predicted, Lance Armstrong on Oprah AND we hear from local upcoming artists Crazy Flo and Young J from Rednite's Icehouse Productions in Fargo. The phone calls and the chat room were at the top of their game as well for this episode. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the most interactive internet radio show in North Dakota.

IN THIS EPISODE: The North Dakota weather and the ever present Flu virus hit the show hard taking out co-host Tina and the Roller Girls from the Buff City Brawlers. Although they weren't in studio, they did the next best thing and called in. Cousin Clint does return to the show, thankfully looking more like a man this time. Vicki tells us about our first contact with a listener from a foreign land...a hot young chick from Nigeria and that North Dakota ranks #1 for residents over the age of 100. No kidding. An Octomom/NeNe update, All My Baby's Momas, Kate Middelton, Lance Armstrong on Oprah and the language police round out this show. Thanks to Luv2speed, April and Charlize Angel of the Buff City Brawlers for calling in.

IN THIS EPISODE: Prior to starting the show, we watched Our team; the Minnesota Vikings, completely fail in their NFL playoff game against the Green bay Packers. Their failure somehow infected our first show of 2013. We found ourselves as unprepared as back up QB Joe Webb was as we flail, flounder and deal with a crashing web browser for the first 20 minutes. We finally regain our composure and hit a few stories and stripper takes a header,the sandy Hook tragedy gets songs pulled from the radio, Lincoln movie review, word of the year for 2012, what does your name mean, top 5 news stories of 2012 and a whole lot more.

IN THIS EPISODE: With the New Year upon us, we take a look back at 2012 and look ahead to 2013...but not until AFTER we talk about cats, litter box etiquette, the ability to lick oneself and talking too loud in public. We listen to audio from a year ago when we made our predictions for 2012. We check out the top 10 movies and songs of 2012 and we, along with a few callers, make predictions for 2013. Brandon aka Dj Bandit from Bandit Radio FM calls in and tells us he would like to run our show on his network. WHAT!? Looks like 2013 could turn out to be BIG for the NorthXshow.

IN THIS EPISODE: It's Christmas time and we decided to have a LIVE Christmas party. Complete with family, friends, food, drinks and FUN. Tim, Steve and his wife Barb join us in studio, along with my daughter Amanda, my son Christopher and my Mom. We play some of our favorite funny Christmas songs, and share some funny past Christmas moments. Amanda closes out the show with a heart-warming rendition of Silent Night...which was rudely interrupted by Steve spilling a glass of wine all over Tim's crotch. YEP!!! It was a VERY NorthXshow Christmas. Thanks to all of you who watched and called in. The New Years prediction show is THIS Saturday, so join us LIVE and call in with yours. 701 212 1472

IN THIS EPISODE: Tina joins us once again for this show and brings with her the subject of 12/21/12 and the Mayan Calender. We throw around a few scenarios on how the world may end and what we might do IF it does happen. Wes Anderson from the Barnes County Historical Society joins us on the phone to tell us about an event taking place on 12/21/12 at the Medicine Wheel here in Valley City. He educates us on the Mayan calender and a bunch of other cool facts as well. We listen to Man On The Street audio that I recorded from main street, getting people's opinion on this whole "end of the world" thing. I got some interesting comments to say the least. In the 2nd hour we talk to Miranda, who is 16, about schools banning certain language, signs and costumes from high school sporting events in the name of "bullying". Has the pendulum swung too far? Thanks again to all of you who joined us LIVE.

IN THIS EPISODE: Let the dragshow commence!!! I finally live up to my word and dress in drag fulfilling my commitment to the NorthXshow faithful. They delivered new listeners I delivered not one Tranny but two. My cousin, and podcasting partner for years, joined us in studio and donned my spare wig. With a little make up help from my childhood friend Wendy, who joined us for her first NorthXshow experience, Clint is transformed in to Cris Crocker or Rikki Rocket, the jury is still out on that one. My brother calls in along with a number of other people, and we actually manage to get to some show material: The Top Ten Ways To Be The Man Women Want You to fitting for Vicki to bring THIS list to THIS show. In true NorthXshow style, we swerve in to some real men/women relationship talk amid the ridiculousness. Thanks to my mom for picking out my outfit, and thanks to all of you who called and
made the chat the riot it always is.

IN THIS EPISODE: Switching to the night shift once again takes it's toll on Vicki as she wakes up mere minutes prior to going LIVE. I surprise call my Mom and we get her take on parenting today which leads us into my childhood memories of walking to the store to buy records and a cool little ditty called Chewey by Ohio Express. After a brief discussion on what is THE gayest song ever, we talk about the tragic murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chief's linebacker Jevon Belcher. In true NorthXshow fashion, we juxtapose a serious story with a dumb one about getting shot with a BB gun. Our man-child 12 year old son Christopher joins us for a story on gaming and playing COD Black Ops2 until you die. 50 Shades of Grey leads to divorce, Alanis Morissette causes domestic violence in gay men, driving under the influence of hand sanitizer, 68 days under the sea and more! Thanks again to those of you who joined us LIVE.

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