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IN THIS EPISODE: The follow up to Psy's Gangnam Style called Gentleman...smash or trash? Ever wish you could "cyber diddle" someone over you smart phone connection? Well if you have, the makers of Durex condoms have made "Fundawear" just for you. These wearable under garments for men and women, vibrate in the most sensitive of areas and opens a whole new can of worms like cyber cheating, cyber rape and cyber prostitution. A 37 year old California teacher is caught running porn sites from her school issued laptop which prompts an argument about feminism. Will Kim kardashian's pregnancy cost her fame, fortune and Kanye? Have you seen the new Google Glass? You wear them like sunglasses and look like a douche. Is this the just the beginning of George Orwell's 1984?


IN THIS EPISODE: Clint informs us all that he has "broken in" his new laptop which prompts Tina to ask "where is the strangest place you've ever masturbated". Do submissive wives make for a better marriage? Former volleyball star Gabrielle Reece says they do in her book " My foot is too big for this glass slipper". In a clip from the Today Show she explains how she and husband Laird Hamilton have managed to stay married. 7 reasons marriages fail - We discuss some of the false expectations couples have today in their pursuit of the "American Dream". In a new study, 9% of Americans say they would have sex with robot and a French study reveals women should go bra-less.


IN THIS EPISODE: We re-visit the infamous "nanner" bit and we delve in to Clint's "Whole New World" as he discovers the wonders of the world wide web on his very first computer. Roger Ebert died. Do you know anyone who is a victim of accidental incest? Ray J tells Kanye "I hit it first". Jada Pinkett-Smith talks about her open marriage with Will. Have you noticed the new signs for parents on Walmart doors? We discuss the recent ruling to make the "morning after" pill available to underage girls and slide in to abortion and gay marriage. Not apologizing is good and Vajacials are all the rage.


IN THIS EPISODE: My brother Chris joins us as we ask the ladies a relationship question; should husbands tell there wives if they've been flirting with other women? A new "Am I An A**hole" segment involving MORE unaware, inconsiderate people. An Alabama school bans the word Easter and a New Hampshire school bans dodgeball...are we done for as a society? We play a game of Easter egg Roulette where one of us has to do something we REALLY don't want to. Clint and Tina steal the show with the listener suggested "banana bit". A six year old drums to Val Halen's Hot for teacher, Kung Fu Grandpa, Tooth Paste Man and more.


IN THIS EPISODE: Skinny jeans vs. yoga pants, celebrity soundboard, If You See Kay, move over Sweet Brown, new viral video star Michelle "Kapooya" Clark is here, Kapooya Kapooya Re-mix from WTFBrahh, Octomom update: Nadya Suleman under investigation for welfare fraud, Steubenville, Ohio, Football Players Convicted in Rape Trial, Andrew Wardle...the man born with no penis, overheard jokes can get you fired.


IN THIS EPISODE: Clint makes his 4th straight appearance...is this a trend? We launch a NEW promotional campaign: putting the show's business cards in condom dispensers. Cops frisk a woman and find a handgun hidden in her vagina...barrel first. Vicki poses the question, "if you HAD to go gay, what celebrity would you pick to go gay with?". Have you seen the U by Kotex commercial where the chick wonders if you can smell her period? We listen to it and examine some other menstrual myths. With all the talk about drones in the news, how far are we from Robocop? Dipping cigars in Brandy, getting molested by Miss piggy and paying for sex with a rubber doll, round out this jam packed show.

IN THIS EPIDSODE: The guy who said he'd NEVER be on Facebook IS on Facebook. Somebody set up a fake FB account for Clint and he is NOT happy. We take a look at it at ask if he will keep it or delete it. keeping with the subject of Clint and his issues we re visit some audio from last weeks show about his height fetish. It has a name...flitwickaphobia, which we promptly call Clintwickaphobia. Vicki brings in a funny list of other strange, real phobias. Can a six year old know whether or not it's transgendered? Apparently Coy Mathis and his/her parents think so. They filed a lawsuit against it's school when they barred him/her from using the girls bathroom. WE SAW YOUR BOOBS!!! Oscar host Seth Macfarlane's hilarious dance number brought actresses nude scenes to center stage...some were not impressed. We ask what's the problem honey? A few million people have already seen them, but a SONG about hat fact is now something to be "shocked" over? Of course now a couple humorless feminist legislators have jumped in to the fray condemning him. What's the matter, you two a little jealous NO ONE would look twice at yours?

IN THIS EPISODE: Clint and Tina join us again (3 in a row is a record for Clint) on this show. Are some cars "gay"? Clint seems to think the one he drove to the show is, so Tina turns to the internet to find a list of the "gayest" cars. We were surprised at what we found. TLC's My Strange Addiction finds it's way back on our show as we learn to understand those "suffering" from bee sting and coffee enema addictions. Local MMA fighter Travis McCullough joins us on the phone, and later in the studio, to give away some tickets to his next event. In an Octomom update, we find out how Nadya Suleman is dealing with her brood these days...yep, you guessed it, pot cookies. In our first ever Cosmo/Men's Health Magazine mashup, we show you how these two rags are spewing relationship mis-information. And finally, how important is your height to the opposite sex?

IN THIS EPISODE: Shocking headlines from around the world including, hernia or pregnant?, handless man sues and the boy with 4 penises. Steve Martin becomes a dad for the first time at age 67 which prompts an "Is Rod An Asshole" segment as we question the motives of this self important douche. Alec Baldwin is a dad to be again, so we re visit his heart touching phone call with Daughter Ireland. Octomom update: Nadia Suleman hits the stripper pole (and the buffet) as we give you the "would you hit it" poll results. Super security guard Darrien Long has a NEW video. Surprise surprise!!! Another loud mouth confrontational black woman makes an appearance. And finally, eccentric millionaire Stanley Marsh the 3rd proves if you have enough money, sex with teenage boys is A OK.

IN THIS EPISODE: Clint joins Tina, Vicki and I for this show as we debut LIVE on Bandit Radio FM www.banditradiofm.biz. Internet sensation Sweet Brown has a new gig...TV commercials. I guess she has time for dat. Vicki's "Shocking" headlines include poisoned vaginas, pedophile justice and 9 year old gives birth. Zero tolerance policies go too far as we discuss the story of the Colorado boy who was suspended from school for throwing an imaginary grenade. Did Riahanna have her way with Justin Bieber and how does he measure up to Chris Brown? Tina gives us a glimpse of her "inner freak", Cousin Clint's Clinical Corner, Stupid Facebook Status of the Week and a
half naked broad goes on a rampage.

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